Tips to Select an Outstanding App Icon

Outstanding App Icon

You may underestimate the role of icons, but, actually, they’re one of the principal design elements. They are something that visually bonds a visitor with an app or a brand. We’re already in the era of iconographic design, where everything is so minimalistic that the icon becomes almost the center of the design rather than an additional element. No doubts, an icon sets the style.

There are enormous numbers of icons in the app world and designing them is almost an art: the proficient designers who create amazing icons scrupulously consider the smallest details at a pixel level. Perhaps, Apple icons are ideal since they combine perfect proportions and utmost simplicity that turns a simple icon into a true masterpiece of design.

Without further ado, let’s get started with basic tips on how to design or choose a striking icon for a mobile application.

1. Devote Some Time

You’re not interested in creating an ugly and inconvenient application icon, aren’t you? There’s no sense in picking random icons from the web without giving a thought on what you want your visitors to perceive. It is recommended to brainstorm an innovative and unique icon that attracts mobile app users to open, use, and return to your app.

2. Use Icon Generators or Ready Made Icon Fonts

To make things simpler, use special websites or online services that allow you to select the desired icon design, image size and change the font while creating an icon. Leveraging available icon design services not only ignites creativity but also provide you with free or paid beautiful icon base that can be downloaded as PNG.

3. Track the Latest Trends

Regularly visit the best theme websites and constantly replenish your creative reserves. Stay abreast with daily updates and latest icon design trends.

4. Follow the Stylistic Unity

You need to choose the style of the application and comply it with the style of icon. Consider all the available choices and choose the appropriate style. There are several services like Icon finder that provide a lot of icons in different styles.

5. Choose Icon Type in Correspondence with the Project

Not all icons should be similar to those we see in iPhone and iPad. For example, an application for coffee services may contain something sentimental and inspiring while an application for makeup products may be visually more appealing to females. It is recommended to search thematic and stylistic icon categories to choose the right fit.

6. Join other Creators on Social Networks

There are a number of commercial social network for creators of visual language, some are entirely free while some have tariff plans for freelancers, teams, agencies and large companies. You can upload and sell your icons, as well as buy others’ icons. There are talented designers among the participants, so you can learn new techniques and apply them to practice, designing and selling your own icons.

7. Try To Animate Icons

Do GIF and Flash animation: force icons to move by combining different images with the same icons, located at a different angle. It is quite simple but looks interesting.

Let’s do it!

Selecting the right icon for your application helps in creating the right visual language. Utilize your magazine or brand icon as a full-fledged tool to attract users and bond.