Looking for innovative application of technology? mag+ is your answer !

innovative application of technology

The moment we talk about the impacts of technology on our lives, what pops up instantly?

Well, I get the answer if I look around.


Yes, you too guessed it right.

Mobile phones, tablets, and other touchscreen devices exist all around us. Be it the workplace, home, tourist spot, they are present everywhere irrespective of the place.


We depend on these devices for the majority of our daily activities. Starting our day with an alarm ringing on our mobile devices (though, we have the choice to snooze it endless times), we track our exercising activities using a health app, manage a diet plan with another app, reach our workplace using the location services like GPS while listening to music or one of those audiobooks on our device, and so on.

These portable devices have arguably become the major means for entertainment, reading, gathering information, daily-activities’ management, replying to the emails, and save tons of memories with continually increasing storage space.


Now talking about mag+, an app-centred platform, I can say it is all about technology. Technology-driven innovations are so closely intertwined with mag+, that they are inseparable.


Read further to know how mag+ is a part and parcel of technology.


An era of mobile apps

Unless living under a rock, you are obviously aware that technology has led to a rampant increase in the mobile app acceptance and usage. With the yearly average of millions of downloaded apps, they are looked upon as an efficient platform to reach masses. Mobile apps provide portability, convenience, and ease of use.

Being one of the pioneers, mag+ foreseen the importance of apps and made immense contributions to the app industry. Eager to match the highest standards, mag+ relentlessly takes planned action steps to deliver high-quality content apps.

The multi-device export feature helps in saving a lot of time and effort by designing once and then transferring the same design to a number of other devices. Also, the mag+ reviewer app allows the publishers to test their app in real-time before launching it in the market.


Boom in digital publication

Look at the contemporary schools, colleges, and offices, all of them have digital screens all around. All thanks to ever-evolving technology, there is a complete shift in the way we deliver and acquire information. With the easily available online content, digital publications are in trend.

Following the trend, mag+ has an expertise in publishing valuable and varied content for magazines, brochures, sales documents, internal communications and more.


Stupendous interactivity

The existence of considerable interactivity is the reason why readers are welcoming the digital publications with open hands.

With ever-more rising interactivity and engagement, mag+ has left no stone unturned to provide the best services to its clients. It permits adding images, animations, slideshows, audio, and video to give an edge to the designed apps. The downscaling feature of mag+ helps in optimizing the images for the screen size. Adding hyperlinks and jump links to the app render contextual information on a single click. Detailed and clear layout with smoother navigation and attractive text placement makes the app more user-friendly.


Unique experience with customization

Technology permits us to make changes to the available products or services and customize them as per our tastes and needs. ‘Internet of Me’ experience has become possible by personalizing services specific to an individual.

Smart Analytics renders substantial information like customers, their geographic location, and their behaviour. Thus, generated context helps in elevating user experience and deliver suggestions like what to buy, read, subscribe or eat. Customization of the app is possible with mag+ by integrating the exact characteristics as you want, no less, no more.


Robust marketing and sales strategy

Market visits and surveys are the things of past. Technology developments have enabled quick generation of marketing appropriate data which if used consciously can be of great help. On the other hand, sales are certain to rise with the delivery of valuable content or services in the market where the user is constantly looking for online content.

mag+ empowers every app with a brand name and a special reputation in the market. Marketing master plan may be achieved by utilizing the analytics-driven data and taking the right decisions.

To boost the sales, monetization is also enabled in mag+ apps with the help of subscriptions, ads, and other third-party integrations. Send regular updates, push-notifications, and alerts to target audience.


Optimizing the resources

In the previous times, what took twenty people to accomplish a task is now easily done by an electronic machine. Similarly, hours of calculation can now be done in seconds. Thus, a fulsome task can be acquired with lesser number of resources.

Same goes for mag+. No coders, neither endless hours of designing are required, rather deliver a fully-functional and cost-efficient app in the markets without further ado.


Keeping the pace with technology, mag+ delivers exceptional content apps for quenching your thirst. We are trusted not because of our position in the market, but because we deliver exactly what customers look for.

Have a whale of a time by depending solely on the up-to-date and proven mag+ platform.