Steps for Creating a Magazine At Home

Making a magazine is exciting and a lot of fun. It helps in exploring your creativity and at the same time brings in a lifetime achievement. The reason to embark on this priceless journey might be any, you might want to express your ideas, make connections, feed your soul or maybe grow your business. Otherwise, … READ MORE »

Tips to Effectively Use Photos on Your Magazine Cover

Right image in the right place is essential to create the right impact on the audience of your magazine. We, humans, are visual learners and quickly interpret a message or emotion on seeing. Emphasizing this is a statement that we’ve heard and experienced ourselves, “a picture says more than a thousand words”. Thus, effectively using … READ MORE »

Reasons to Publish a Magazine in the Local Language

There might have been times when you wanted to publish a magazine in a native language but then dropped the idea. Or if you went ahead, you were unsure whether it’ll attract readers or entirely go unnoticed. The reason could have been any like the restricted audience, limited vocabulary, the perception of a huge market … READ MORE »

How to Increase Engagement and Drive Traffic to Your Digital Magazine Content?

With so many digital magazines out there and many more emerging on daily basis, it’s essential to attract readers by creating highly engaging content. As the saying goes, content is king and thus, robust content creation is indispensable. For your magazine to be awaited and loved, it needs to be backed by an outstanding content, … READ MORE »

Use of Modern Sales Materials in the Automobile Industry

With the modern-day buyers moving online, the automobile industry is pacing up by implementing technological innovations in practice. It becomes evident if we take a look around today’s automobile showrooms which have very much transformed into equipped digital marketplaces. The contemporary salesmen are seen holding an iPad, non-stop videos keep on playing on the large … READ MORE »

Marketing Trends for 2018: Is Digital Marketing a Replacement or an Added Asset to Traditional Marketing?

All kinds of businesses in all kinds of industries are investing in digital marketing to generate significant traffic and leads. At a global level, marketers are devising digital marketing strategies and implementing them to optimize the use of various digital channels like email, social media, search engines, and others. As per Adobe’s 2018 digital trends … READ MORE »

Choosing the Right Topic for Your Magazine Articles

You’re excited about writing an article for your magazine. But...don’t know where to start from. Or you might have an idea but unsure if it’ll gain traction and attract traffic. Sounds familiar? If your answer is yes, then you’re in the right place. And, yeah you’re not alone. So chill and get along. What you … READ MORE »

Top Print Magazines That Transformed To Exclusively Digital Magazines

Like any other industry, the magazine world has also felt the impacts of digital technology. For a few years now, the reduction in print publications and increasing online readership has been extensively surveyed and reported by the market researchers. As per an e-Publishing report of Statista, expected annual growth rate (CAGR 2018-2022) in revenue is … READ MORE »

Key Pointers to Consider Before Publishing a Digital Magazine

You might have spent hours, days, or maybe months in writing the influential content for the digital magazine. After all that hard work and diligence, now you might be relaxing, taking a backseat and aiming to enjoy the success of your creation. But, wait to think again as there is a lot to do after … READ MORE »

Choosing the Right Format for Your Digital Magazine

There are digital magazines. And then there are stunning digital magazines that grab a reader’s attention and makes it hard to skip through the content. Yeah, it’s tricky! Seemingly small nuances help in transforming an ordinary magazine into an extraordinary one, design format being one of them. Thus, picking the right file format serves as … READ MORE »
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