10 reasons why mag+ is the best alternative to Adobe DPS

Adobe has made it clear they are only interested in offering digital publishing software to the big dogs. mag+ loves all dogs (little ones, medium ones, and the big ones!) So if you’re looking for the best alternative to Adobe DPS, the mag+ Designd tool is just what you need. Here are 10 reasons why … READ MORE »

6 Ways to Measure Your Content Marketing Success

You’re committed to a content marketing plan for your business. But you don’t want it to be a waste of time and money. How do you measure your success without spending hours each week pouring over analytics? The important thing to remember when looking at any data is how your goals are -- or aren’t … READ MORE »

Optimize for Screen Size

  Content should be snackable. Design should be simple. As tablets get smaller and phones get bigger, it’s looking like 5.5 to 6 inch screens are the sweet spot for consumers. That means rethinking how you present all the content you originally designed for larger tablets and smaller phones. Here are some content and design …


5 Places to Look for Graphic Design Inspiration

We love nothing more than spending time perusing design eye candy. And when you’ve got a digital magazine to produce, it’s time well spent! Here are five places to get your design fix. Really, each one is a rabbit hole you can fall into and swim in amazing graphic design inspiration. There’s a new book … READ MORE »

5 Essential Marketing Blogs to Follow

Yes, you need to keep building your knowledge and skills in the world of marketing. But even more than that, keeping up with trends through small doses of great reading will keep you motivated and inspired. And when enthusiasm meets knowledge, it’s a beautiful thing for your business. Here are 5 blogs we recommend to … READ MORE »

Successful Entrepreneurs Do These 3 Things

It’s probably the fault of television and movies, but there’s a common perception that in order to be successful in business, you have to be a “killer.” It’s all about the deal. You’ve got to go for the throat.   There are actually other characteristics that serve entrepreneurs much better. Here are 3 things successful … READ MORE »

3 Reasons to Use Video in Your Apps and Marketing

You’ve probably noticed that your social feeds and favorite apps are stuffed with video content like never before. Videos are fast becoming the “must have” marketing content -- almost 90% of online marketers report that video is part of their strategy. Here’s why your business should get on board with using video: It’s a big … READ MORE »

5 Things Growth Mindset Will Do for Small Business Owners

Time for an attitude check. Do you believe you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Or are you the sort of person who’s constantly learning and adapting? “Growth mindset” refers to an attitude some people have that they are capable of lifelong learning and achievement and it’s based on the neuroplasticity research of Dr. … READ MORE »

Small Business Advice Round-up

Being a small business owner means a commitment to constant learning! We’ve been sifting through the best recent articles of interest to small business owners to help keep you on your game and improve your bottom line. 4 Ways Small Businesses Can Use Large-Business Fund-Raising Tactics (Entrepreneur.com) Why not use the same fund-raising strategies as … READ MORE »

15 Marketing Strategies: Pick What You Don’t Hate

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