From InDesign to iPad: New York Magazine Delights Readers

new york magazine

Going strong for more than a half-decade, New York Magazine launched its iPad app on Monday, April 1, 2013, and subsequently marked its presence on iOS and Android devices.

The iPad app is created with the mag+ Software Development Kit (SDK)  and takes full advantage of Apple’s iOS platform. With mag+ tools, already inspiring content seamlessly transitions from InDesign to iPad resulting in an excellent user interface and app experience.

This app combines weekly magazine content with daily website content in an innovative way. As users enter the app, they are greeted with a dual design that teases website news content as well as information from the latest weekly issue of New York Magazine. The team at New York Magazine is calling this dual design the “window shade,” which users can easily open or shut to reveal weekly magazine content or fresh daily news content. The daily news content from is further categorized under properties, including Vulture, the Cut, and Grub Street.

With beautiful design and detailed development, we highly recommend downloading New York Magazine from iTunes app store and encounter how mag+ can assist you in winning the digital publishing game.

The teams at New York Magazine used the mag+ SDK, which allowed them to take advantage of mag+’s tools and distribution while creating a truly custom app. With the mag+ SDK, users have the freedom to create custom experiences, as the New York Magazine app fantastically illustrates.

Here is a video showing ipad application of New York Magazine and displaying the “window shade” in action.