Step by Step Guide to Create a Digital Magazine with mag+

With the rising importance of going digital, creating a digital magazine is more favorable than ever. Being a great way to engage your audience, it is a cost-effective way that allows publishers to reach across the world. Simplifying the journey, we at mag+, help you create, enhance, and publish digital magazines that can be instantly … READ MORE »

Importance of Creating an Event App

Anyone who’s ever been in the business of planning, arranging, and hosting an event knows there can be a lot of event-related questions and concerns. To answer all these questions, websites, printed event programs, and brochures are good, but having an app for your event is interesting, convenient, and profitable. To help you understand the … READ MORE »

Things Readers Want in a Digital Magazine

Being the pioneers in the digital publishing industry, mag+ has witnessed a massive shift to digital magazines. The journey turned out to be not so straightforward. We noticed that it took publishers and big platforms some time to get their bearings and figure out what makes digital work. But one thing that can never go … READ MORE »

Tips to Sponsor and Advertise using mag+

One pretty universal truth about the mag+ publishing clients is that they'd like to monetize their apps. While mag+ and the app ecosystem gives creatives—and especially magazines—the best platform for creating digital content, advertising can't be ignored. In fact, mobile, iPad, and tablet publications give advertisers an ideal scenario: the large immersive canvas that makes … READ MORE »

4 Tips to Self-Publish Native Apps

Unlike publishing with the help of an established publishing company, self-publishing offers the opportunity to be your own boss. It helps publishers gain complete control over the creation, publication, and distribution process. Though it might sound easy, it’s not, it requires an author to consider a few things before they embark on the self-publishing journey. … READ MORE »

Enterprise Mobile Apps

As smartphones and tablets become ever more popular, and general consumers continue to download mobile apps at a rapid pace, corporations are beginning to catch on to the mobile trend. Enterprise mobile apps, or proprietary, in-house apps that can be distributed to employees, can be extremely useful for internal communications and collaboration. Opportunities are Endless … READ MORE »

8 Smart Ways to Use mag+ In-App Banners

mag+ in-app banners are large-sized graphics that span over the width of the device screen. They can be of any height and can be clicked to trigger web links, issue previews or subscription purchases. Being a “live” mag+ feature, one can customize them on-the-fly, with a simple upload on the backend, without updating or submitting … READ MORE »

Tips to Name Your App

Naming your app right is vital to creating a great first impression. With almost 70% of app users discovering the apps directly through app stores, it’s an opportunity to rank higher and boost downloads. Here are five tips that every app creator should consider when setting up their apps in the app stores. 1. Reflect … READ MORE »

Push Notification Campaign Ideas

If you own a magazine app, you might be aware of challenges in keeping users engaged as time passes by. Well, this is absolutely normal. To overcome this situation, it’s essential to have a go-to marketing strategy that helps you connect with users, drive engagement, and meet monetary goals. One such important marketing channels are … READ MORE »

10 Marketing Ideas for Your Magazine

You’ve put your design team to work, to craft the ultimate digital magazine experience. You’ve got a seamless, easy to use interface (thanks to mag+); complete with animation, videos and delightful ways for readers to interact with the app. Not to mention, your content sings. But if you haven’t put a solid marketing strategy in … READ MORE »
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