Truly responsive HTML5 content with mag+


One of the primary concerns that we regularly hear from our customers is that it takes additional time and effort to produce content for each of their target devices such as tablets, phones, or phablets. For eg., if you want your digital content to be available for a tablet as well as a mobile, you will need to select these two mag+ templates separately and then create your content. With the ‘Multi-device export’ feature, we tried to solve this same problem. While not a complete solution in itself, it does reduce a user’s content authoring time by as much as 80% for the second device onwards.

To provide a foolproof solution to the above problem and improve the overall user-experience, mag+ now supports HTML5 as one of the input content types, including .mib, .pdf, .mp4, etc. This feature will enable our users to author truly responsive HTML5 content (using an editor of their choice) and add this .html package as an issue on their mobile app. IT’S THAT SIMPLE! This content will be responsive across screen-sizes, resolutions, and orientations, saving tremendous amounts of time and effort for our users.

Some of the customers in our beta program have shared extremely positive feedback on this feature. We hope that our other customers also find tremendous value with this new feature.

If you need any help in using this feature or have any other feature request or product feedback, please write to us at or