Staffan Ekholm, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Staffan Ekholm is one of Mag+’s founders. Prior to joining Mag+, Staffan was the CEO of content management vendor Roxen Internet Software, a position he held between 2003-2009. Earlier, Staffan held various senior positions at the international web agency Framfab (today LBi International) over six years. Staffan has led business development and/or strategy consulting in connection with digital media since 1995.

Mike Haney, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer

Mike Haney was part of the original Mag+ concept team in 2009, when he was Executive Editor of Popular Science magazine. In 2010, Mike became Deputy Director of Bonnier R&D, where he helped evolve Mag+ and launch more titles, and co-founded Mag+ as its US Director in 2011. Today he handles creative and editorial direction for the platform. Mike remains a contributing editor for Popular Science and Conde Nast Traveler and began his career as a graphic designer.

Mag+ advisory board

Ulrika Saxon, CEO, Bonnier Growth Media

Markus Kitunen, CFO Bonnier Growth Media

Matti Zemack, CIO Bonnier Growth Media