All Features

Creating Content

  • Fully Customized Interactive Design
  • Offline Support
  • InDesign Plug-in for CS4 and Up
  • Instant On-Device Design Review
  • Remote Design Review
  • Video and Audio Support
  • Full Embedded HTML Support
  • Built-in Interactive Content Layers
  • Multiple Navigation Options
  • Overlays and Popups
  • Linking Internally and to the Web
  • Slideshow Builder
  • Animation Tools
  • Pinch and Zoom
  • Interactive Panning
  • Multiple Orientation Support
  • Easy Design for Multiple Devices
  • Automated Production Tools
  • Easy PDF Conversion
  • Adobe DPS Overlay Conversion
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Distributing Content

  • Branded Apps
  • Robust App Customization
  • In-App Library with Archiving
  • Live Content
  • Enterprise (Private) Distribution
  • Public Distribution to iTunes, Google Play and Amazon App Store
  • Flexible & Secure Content Hosting
  • Support for All MDM/MAM App Distribution
  • Login / Authentication Support
  • Precise Issue Control
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Engaging Users

  • Targeted Messaging
  • Push Notifications
  • Multiple Feedback Channels
  • Choice of Analytics
  • Custom In-App Promotional Banners
  • Social Sharing
  • In-App Advertising
  • In-App Rate and Review
  • Plot Projects
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Monetizing Your App

  • In-App Purchasing
  • Subscription Support
  • In-App Promotional Capabilities
  • Marketing Campaign Tracking with Oplytics
  • App Marketing Best Practices with Appency
  • In-App Advertising with AdMob/DFP and AdMarvel /AdColony
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Creating Content

Create content apps with mag+. Our mobile app creation software supports a bevy of features to make your apps interactive.

Fully Custom Interactive Design

mag+ is a digital-first design platform that lets you create native content for mobile devices, so you can deliver the high-quality experience users expect from touchscreen apps. Use assets from print, online, or anywhere to quickly and easily build a beautiful, immersive design for your mobile canvas.

Offline Support

Once users download documents created with mag+, their content is available and fully functional, even when the device is offline.

InDesign Plugin for CS4 and up

The mag+ Creative Tool suite incorporates an easy-to-use plug-in for Adobe InDesign, the industry's standard design software. Experienced graphic designers can get up and running with mag+ in a matter of minutes.

Instant On-Device Design Review

The free mag+ Reviewer app lets you see in real-time how your design will appear on mobile devices for all your users. Download it to any device mag+ supports, or use it on your desktop.

Remote Design Review

Need to share a proof with a client across the country? No problem. mag+ makes it easy to send content for approval to any device in the world.

Video and Audio Support

Add video and audio to your design with the push of a button. Embed files for easy offline use, or stream them to keep file sizes down. Show full-screen video, or embed it directly into your design. Let audio play in the background with our built-in playlist function, or add sound effects.

Full Embedded HTML Support

Anything you can create in HTML can be included in your mag+ issue. Add interactive elements, forms, animations or live web sites. Embed HTML elements so they work even when users are offline.

Built-in Interactive Content Layers

mag+ templates come fully equipped with interactive native layers, so creating a design that takes advantage of the touchscreen's infinite canvas is as easy as adding content and hitting "Publish"!

Multiple Navigation Options

With mag+ apps, you're never limited to simple swipe navigation. Create your own custom navigation bar, or build documents that navigate with links, just like a website. The choice is always yours.

Overlays and Pop-Ups

Create elements that pop up when a user taps a button or hotspot in your design. Make your content go as deep as you like, and add animations like zoom and flip to your pop-up elements.

Linking Internally and to the Web

Easily create links in your content that take users to the Web in an embedded browser, or send them to another place in your document or app.


The powerful mag+ slideshow builder lets you add any variety of slideshows to your design. You can even have the slideshows auto-play and loop.


Animate any element of your design, from headlines that slowly appear to pulsing arrows directing users to fun elements flying across the screen. Use existing GIFs, or build simple movies or native animations directly in the mag+ plug-in.


Let users pinch to zoom in on any photo or element in your design-it's as easy as checking a box.


Create text that scrolls in place, or add large panoramic photos or charts to your design and let the user pan to see more.

Multiple Orientation Support

Design once to cover both orientations with our "pinning" feature, or create a unique design for each orientation. Or lock the app to a single orientation-the choice is yours!

Easy Design for Multiple Devices

Create your layout once and then quickly transfer it to other devices with our intelligent Multi-Device Export. Go back to customize individual device designs, or just hit "Publish"!

Automated Production Tools

Take advantage of our library of InDesign scripts to automate such tasks as exporting all your pages or creating designs for multiple devices. Or write your own scripts to automate your production.

Easy PDF Conversion

Have a PDF of an existing document that you want to send to your app? Use our PDF Converter to turn it into a mag+ document in seconds. Add interactive features, or publish it as is.

Adobe DPS Overlay Conversion

Use our DPS Overlay converter tool to import your DPS files and reformat them into fully functional mag+ files. The process is as simple as opening InDesign, selecting your DPS Overlay document, choosing the appropriate settings, and then importing!

Delivery and Distribution

Deliver and distribute mobile apps seamlessly with mag+. Our app creation software helps organizations publish live content securely across internal enterprise networks as well as through multiple app stores.

Branded Apps

With mag+, you get your own completely branded app for the mobile devices of your choice: iPad, iPhone, Android tablet and phone and Kindle Fire. That app is the hub through which you serve all your content to your users.

One-Click App Building

Build your app in minutes, not months, with mag+'s online app builder. Just upload a few images, pick your features, and click "Build." In minutes, you can download a fully functional app to submit to the market of your choice or to distribute internally.

Robust App Customization

mag+ apps are build on a solid common platform, but your app is entirely yours: your colors, your icons, your brand. Plus, mag+ offers you deep control over the features and options you want your app to have.

In-App Library with Archiving

Your app has a built-in library, where users can access and manage multiple issues or documents. Users can archive issues to free up space, and you can offer subscriptions, single-issue purchases, or free downloads.

Live Content

Another optional space in your app is the Live window, where you can serve any web site. You can even modify the URL without submitting an app update.

Precise Issue Control

With mag+, you always have total control over the distribution of your issues: offer a bonus issue for subscribers, or hold back an issue only for purchase. Offer a free issue with the app download, or hide all issues behind a log-in.

Enterprise (Private) Distribution

mag+ apps can be distributed internally to your employees and bypass the public marketplaces using Apple's Enterprise license. You can use any MDM or MAM solution you like to distribute the app.

Public Distribution to iTunes, Google Play and Amazon App Store

Offer your app through any of the major marketplaces: Apple iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon App Store. The app can be free or paid-it's up to you!

Flexible and Secure Content Hosting

The documents you serve to your app can be hosted with mag+ using our Amazon S3 account with dynamic URLs, or you can keep the content on your own servers or those of the host of your choice.

Log-in/Authentication Support

Gate your content behind a sign-in window in the app. mag+'s simple Access Control API ties in to your user database, where you have complete control over the issues any given user should see. You can even remotely expire or delete issues from a device.

Engaging Users

Engage your users with the mag+ app creation software. Send targeted push notifications, create custom feedback channels, integrate app analytics, and more.

Targeted Messaging

Create a connection with your users by publishing targeted push notifications, in-app messages, or newsfeed items in your app. Send a message only to subscribers or only to those who have used the app multiple times. Create recurring campaigns, and automate your communications.

Push Notifications

Use mag+'s built-in push-notification service to send real-time messages to your users, or take advantage of third-party tools, such as Localytics, to send targeted and rich notifications to unique segments.

Multiple Feedback Channels

Make your app a two-way conversation by building in email links, Web forms, or even a dedicated feedback channel.

Choice of Analytics

Learn exactly what users are doing in your app using your choice of mag+'s best-in-class analytics services: Omniture, Localytics, Flurry, and Google Analytics. Get detailed reports on app behavior and users, and use your intel to improve your app.

Custom In-App Promotional Banners

Your app's built-in content library offers a space for optional custom promotion banners you can use for any variety of purposes, from highlighting new content to linking to a site or even triggering a survey.

Social Sharing

Let users share any content from their apps using Apple's built-in sharing options, from Messages to Twitter to Facebook. You can even include a link back to your app store page to encourage more downloads.

In-App Advertising

Use in-app banners or third-party services, such as AdMob/DFP or AdMarvel/AdColony, to feed static or video advertisements within your app and content.

In-App Rate and Review

Enable Apple's in-app rate and review pop-up to display within your app for immediate user feedback.

Plot Projects Integration

Boost user engagement with location-based services, such as Plot Projects, that can provide unique location interaction.

Monetizing Content

Monetize your apps with mag+. Our application creation software simplifies such monetization features as e-commerce, subscriptions, and analytics integration.

In-App Purchasing

mag+ apps support subscriptions and single-issue purchases for every marketplace. And because you submit the app through your developer account, all revenue goes directly to you.


Offer in-app subscriptions through the app marketplace of your choice (including free subscriptions on iOS), or use the mag+ Access Control feature to sell subscriptions on your own and let users log in to their apps to get their content.

In-App Promotional Capabilities

Your app's built-in issues library and store offer multiple spaces for promoting content, from promotional banners to featured issues to full-screen previews of content.

Marketing Campaign Tracking with Oplytic

mag+ partner Oplytic lets you track the success of any app marketing campaign, giving you visibility not only into downloads but also into behavior and purchases after app downloads, so you can easily see the ROI on any marketing activity.

App Marketing Best Practices with Appency

App marketing partner agency Appency can help your team craft a complete plan for driving users to your app and making sure your app succeeds, with special pricing for mag+ customers.

In-App Advertising with AdMob/DFP and AdMarvel/AdColony

Drive additional revenue in your app by serving dynamic ads through your DFP or AdMarvel account. Offer unique ads by geography, or swap campaigns over time.