Three Major Insights from Tablet Publishing

Gregg Hano answers two questions on his first day as CEO of mag+:
“What are three of your major insights from tablet publishing so far?” and “What potential do you see in mag+?”

A transcript of the video:

What are three of your major insights from tablet publishing so far?
So the three things that we’ve learned about digital publishing over the last several years is number 1, there’s really a business in digital publishing and multiple revenue streams around that business. There’s single-copy sales, subscription sales, and advertising revenue. That’s fantastic to know both that there really is a business and there are multiple revenue streams to make it happen.

The second thing that we’ve learned is that discovery is a challenge. It’s hard to get your brand out there, especially if you don’t have a brand name that people are familiar with and large marketing budgets. It’s going to be incumbent upon us to really work on figuring out how to market our tablet products to consumers.

The third thing that we’ve learned is that metrics are going to be extremely important. We need to know who’s buying our product, who’s reading them, how much time they’re spending with them, some demography and buying patterns. And then we need to share that both with marketers, to understand how to advertise to these people and to understand how to market the products themselves.

What potential do you see in mag+?
The potential we see in mag+ is almost unlimited. We have a great solution for small, mid-size, and large publishers in our Go!, Grow! and Lead! products. In addition we have products that can be used by cataloguers, by our agency friends for clients and doing special interest publications, for enterprise and for independents who want to publish new products. What’s really amazing is that it works around the world. We truly have an international product. When you think about people who want to publish on tablets, and how to get their product onto tables inexpensively, mag+ is the perfect solution for anybody from New York City to Moscow.

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