5 Places to Look for Graphic Design Inspiration

Graphic Design Inspiration

We love nothing more than spending time perusing design eye candy. And when you’ve got a digital magazine to produce, it’s time well spent!

Here are five places to get your design fix. Really, each one is a rabbit hole you can fall into and swim in amazing graphic design inspiration.

  1. There’s a new book out that explores some of the most iconic and important images in graphic design history. It’s called Graphic: 500 Designs That Matter and you can explore some text and photos before you buy the book by reading this article from Wired.
  2. It used to be that web publications tried to make themselves look like print publications. Now it’s starting to flip. This piece from fastcodesign.com takes a look at this fresh print redesign at the New York Times that seeks to infuse paper with some of the freshness of digital design.
  3. Tucked in a big building in the East Village in New York is the The Herb Lubalin Study Center of Design and Typography. If you can’t visit this “800-square-foot treasure chest filled with tens of thousands of design and typographical ephemera,” you can get a glimpse in this post at 6sqft.com.
  4. If you’re ready to take a deep dive into inspiration, check out this epic list of 50 Designers You Should Know at Canva.com

And finally, this entire site is designed to inspire your designs. Inspiration grid, indeed.