Book Publishing Software and its Functions

Book Publishing Software

The right book publishing software is all that you need to make your writing worthwhile and rejoice with a powerful online existence. Wondering how?


Starting right from drafting the first document to the fruitful results of digital publication, the book publishing software provides all the tools to make the publication process way more effective, productive, and faster. More importantly, an author remains focused and organized with minimum distractions.


Well, it will not be wrong to say that the perfect book publishing software is an author’s best friend. It will motivate and assist the author to pursue his hobby and help in generating profits at the same time.


But it is not as simple as just being said. There are a few vital aspects to consider while selecting the best software to improve your publishing strategy. Some of these features which need your attention while making a choice are.


  • Availability of templates (Number and Ease of use)
  • Ease of use and writing experience
  • Text formatting controls
  • Collaborations (with editors and co-workers)
  • Cost
  • Availability of any additional feature


One can choose the software as per their unique writing requirements out of a wide range of such software- free or paid, featuring basic to more advanced functionalities. Some of the software worth trying are Scrivener, Adobe InDesign, Calibre, and Sigil.


A book publishing software accompanies an author all along the writing journey and offers much more than our imagination.  Functionalities of this software are broadly categorized into the following aspects.


Write, Format, Edit, and Polish.

No more pen or paper required. With the software in your reach, you can write whatever and however, you wish. Start writing and convert that blank page into a book’s chapter.

Rather than starting with a blank page, some software also provide you with the choice to select from the pre-designed templates. These templates can be completely personalized to suit your requirements.

Formatting is a lot easier with easy to use controls like Font Style, Size, spacing, headers, and more. A couple of clicks are enough to make your content more attractive to the readers.

After creating the first draft, there is nothing stopping you to easily and quickly edit the content, spell check, grammar correction, and addition or deletion of content. Availing all these benefits, you get a polished and appealing content.


Boost interactivity.

Interactivity is what makes your book more attractive and gives life to your content. A book may gain immense popularity among the readers by easily adding captivating images, elaborative charts, graphs, coloured blocks of content, high-quality pictures, and much more.

Interactivity can be fully optimized for digital publications by embedding animations, slideshows, hyperlinks, popups, video, and other rich media content.

Adding the interactive content using the software is as easy as copy-paste or a drag-and-drop method. Is not that as simple as blinking an eye?



Not all, but a majority of the software focus on making it easy for the writer to collaborate with the editor or other team members.

Without wasting any time and energy, the content is quickly shared amongst the concerned people. This results in easy editing and proofreading. A person sitting at a distance can instantly access the document and start working on it.

All the changes made to the document are also instantly saved in the software. This eliminates any possibility of losing your work midway. The data is also secured in the software and none other than the collaborators have access to it. Moreover, an author need not carry his work everywhere. He can log in to his account and have complete access to the work anytime and anywhere.



Once your book is ready to be published, the final document can be exported in the form of standard formats (specific to individual software) like PDF, DOCX, MOBI, HTML, EPUB, and others

These formats can be printed in the form of traditional printed books or exported to publish online to various marketplaces like Google Play, Amazon Kindle, and others.


Additional services.

The additional services are specific to the individual software and also your preferred mode of publishing (print or digital). These services include Analytics to track the user behaviour and the engagement of your book. Subscription services to generate more revenue through your digital publications. Other services include third-party monetization or marketing strategies and so on.

Today, writing has become much more convenient compared to the earlier days. If you are interested in publishing your book, then follow the given tips and come off with flying colours. Try out a user-friendly software, experiment and stick to the one which best fits your unique writing expectations.


Grab a cup of coffee and start writing!!