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Using Subscriptions in Mobile Enterprise Apps

When Apple finally created the option of subscription in-app purchases in February 2011 (nearly a year after the iPad debut), it was a much-needed shot of adrenaline to the digital publishing industry. Sales shot through the roof. Initially this was attributed to the creation of Newsstand, released at the same time, but now, three years …

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Volvo FH Corporate App

This app is a product guide for the Volvo FH. It artfully showcases different elements of the Volvo truck product, explaining technical details and providing various options and configurations. Volvo sales representatives use this enterprise app when presenting to prospect clients. It is a fantastic example of how a top corporation can take advantage of … Read More »

Volvo FH: A Mobile Enterprise App

When a company has a high-end and complex product, nothing is more useful to help explain the product to potential customers than an interactive mobile app. Corporations around the globe are creating mobile enterprise apps that can be distributed both internally and externally. Volvo is a brand that has done a fantastic job of taking …

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A Shift Toward Enterprise Application Development

For many consumers, tablet and smartphone computing has augmented, or even replaced, older forms – the desktop or laptop. Part of the change is due to the fact that, “consumers will now look at a task that they have to perform, and they will determine which device will allow them to perform such a task in …

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iOS Enterprise Developer – Don’t Start from Scratch

Enterprise apps continue to increase in popularity, as companies better understand the possibilities that come with today’s touchscreen devices. It’s clear that corporate organizations, large and small, can benefit from enterprise apps, whether presentations and proposals, training manuals, product guides or internal company newsletters. Many organizations do not want, and cannot afford, to start from …

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Enterprise iOS App Distribution

The phrase ‘enterprise apps’ is quickly becoming a hot topic of conversation. As numbers continue to show the growing demand for tablet and mobile devices, the popularity of apps themselves, and the amount of time spent in apps increasing at exponential rates, it is easy to see that mobile apps are changing the lives of …

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Enterprise Mobile Apps

Tablet sales grew by 75 percent, reaching 46.2 million units in the fourth quarter of 2012, according to new metrics from market research company Canalys. As tablets become ever more popular, and general consumers continue to download mobile apps at a rapid pace, corporations are beginning to catch on to the mobile trend. Enterprise mobile apps, …

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