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Creating Content

Create content apps with Mag+. Our mobile app creation software supports a bevy of features to make your apps interactive.

Fully Custom Interactive Design

mag+ is a digital-first design platform that lets you create native content for mobile devices, so you can deliver the high-quality experience users expect from touchscreen apps. Use assets from print, web or anywhere to quickly and easily build a beautiful, immersive design for your mobile canvas.

Offline Support

Once users download documents created with mag+, their content is available and fully functional, even when the device is offline.

InDesign Plugin for CS4-CC14

The mag+ Creative Tool suite incorporates an easy-to-use plug-in for Adobe InDesign, the industry standard design software. Experienced graphic designers can get up and running with mag+ in a matter of minutes.

Instant On-Device Design Review

The free mag+ Reviewer app lets you see in real-time how your design will appear on device for all your users. Download it for any device mag+ supports or to use on your desktop.

Remote Design Review

Need to share a proof with a client across the country? No problem. mag+ makes it easy to traffic content for approval to any device in the world.

Video and Audio Support

Add video and audio to your design with the push of a button. Embed files for easy offline use or stream them to keep file size down. Show video full-screen or embed it directly into your design. Let audio play in the background with our built-in playlist function or add sound effects.

Full Embedded HTML Support

Anything you can create in HTML can be included in your mag+ issue. Add interactive elements, forms, animations or live web sites. Embed HTML elements so they work even when users are offline.

Built-in Interactive Content Layers

mag+ templates come fully equipped with interactive native layers, so creating a design that takes advantage of the touchscreen's infinite canvas is as easy as adding content and hitting Publish!

Multiple Navigation Options

With mag+ apps, you're never limited to simple swipe navigation. Create your own custom navigation bar, build documents that navigate with links, just like a web site. The choice is always yours.

Overlays and Popups

Create elements that pop up when a user taps a button or hotspot in your design. Make your content go as deep as you like and add animations like zoom and flip to your pop up elements.

Linking Internally and to the Web

Easily create links in your content that take users to the web in an embedded browser, or jump them to another place in your document or app.


The powerful mag+ slideshow builder lets you add any variety of slideshows to your design. You can even have the slideshows auto-play and loop.


Animate any element of your design, from headlines that slowly appear to pulsing arrows directing users to fun elements flying across the screen. Use existing GIFs or build simple movies or native animations directly in the mag+ plug-in


Let users pinch to zoom in on any photo or element in your design - as easy as checking a box.


Create text that scrolls in place, or add large panoramic photos or charts to your design and let the user pan to see more.

Multiple Orientation Support

Design once to cover both orientations with our "pinning" feature, or create a unique design for each orientation. Or lock the app to a single orientation - the choice is yours!

Easy Design for Multiple Devices

Create your layout once and quickly transfer it to other devices with our intelligent Multi-Device Export. Go back and customize individual device designs or just hit Publish!

Automated Production Tools

Take advantage of our library of InDesign scripts to automate tasks like exporting all your pages or creating designs for multiple devices. Or write your own scripts to automate your production.

Easy PDF Conversion

Have a PDF of an existing document you want to serve to your app? Use our PDF Converter to turn it into a mag+ document in seconds. Add interactive features or publish as is.