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Delivery and Distribution

Deliver and distribute mobile apps seamlessly with Mag+. Our app creation software helps organizations publish live content securely across internal enterprise networks as well as through multiple app stores.

Branded Apps

With mag+, you get your own completely branded app for the mobile devices of your choice: iPad, iPhone, Android tablet and phone and Kindle Fire. That app is the hub through which you serve all your content to your users.

One-click App Building

Build your app in minutes not months with mag+'s online app builder. Just upload a few images, pick your features and click the build button. In minutes you can download a fully functional app to submit to the market of your choice or distribute internally.

Robust App Customization

mag+ apps are build on a solid common platform, but your app is entirely yours: your colors, your icons, your brand. Plus, deep control over the features and options you want your app to have.

In-App Library with Archiving

Your app has a built-in library, where users can access and manage multiple issues or documents. Users can archive issues to free up space, and you can offer subscriptions, single-issue purchases or free downloads.


In addition to documents, your app can offer a live newsfeed space where you can serve short bits of information and images, populated manually or automatically. You can even segment the messages by user group.

Live Content

Another optional space in your app is the Live window, where you can serve any web site. You can even modify the URL without submitting an app update.

Enterprise (Private) Distribution

mag+ apps can be distributed internally to your employees and bypass the public marketplaces using Apple's Enterprise license. You can use any MDM or MAM solution you like to distribute the app.

Public Distribution to iTunes, Google Play and Amazon App Store

Offer your app through any of the major marketplaces: Apple iTunes, Google Play or Amazon App Store. The app can be free or paid - it's up to you!

Flexible & Secure Content Hosting

The documents you serve to your app can be hosted with mag+ using our Amazon S3 account with dynamic URLs, or you can always keep the content on your own servers or the host of your choice.

Login / Authentication Support

Gate your content behind a sign-in window in the app. mag+'s simple Access Control API ties into your user database, where you have complete control over what issues any given user should see. You can even remotely expire or delete issues from a device.

Newsstand Support

Your mag+ app can live in Apple's Newsstand or in the larger app store - it's as easy as checking a box.

Precise Issue Control

With mag+, you always have total control over the distribution of your issues: offer a bonus issue for subscribers, or hold back an issue only for purchase. Offer a free issue with the app download, or hide all issues behind a log in.