How to Make an App

Learn how to make an app by following these steps from mag+. Our app-making guide walks you through key steps within the app-making process, from setting up your app development environment to testing your app. Referring to mag+’s “Make an App Resource Center” will help you get your first app up and running in no time!

  1. Choosing Your App Development Environment
    • Decide which operating system your app will run on.
    • Decide which mobile devices you want your app to be compatible with.
  2. Planning Your App
    • Identify the intended users of your app.
    • Decide which type of app you’re looking to make. Is your app for business or leisure purposes?
    • Set goals for your app.
    • Decide which app development platform you’re going to use.
  3. Set Up Your Development Project
    • Decide which computer you will use to make your app.
    • Open a developer account.
    • Download an image editor.
    • Choose any other app-making tools you need.
  4. Make an App
    • Sign up for an app-making platform.
    • Design your app content.
    • Create any necessary image assets.
    • Generate the requisite app certificates.
    • Upload everything, and then build your app.
  5. App Testing
    • Define your test devices.
    • Distribute your test app to users.
    • Make any necessary adjustments based on test-user feedback.
    • Submit your app.

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