Make an Android App

Make an Android app by following these Android app-making tips. Android is the leading mobile operating system, providing great app-making opportunities due to the millions of tablets and smartphones on the market. Knowing how to make an Android app will allow you to reach a large international mobile app audience. Here are some helpful steps to keep in mind when you make an Android app:

  • Youll need an Android Developer Account. Sign up here [] for a one-time $25 fee. One account allows you to make and submit multiple Android apps for tablets and smartphones.
  • Thousands of different Android devices are in use. Be sure the platform you’re using can accommodate a wide array of Android devices and screen sizes.
  • Android apps can be distributed any way you like. Unlike iOS apps, which must be public or distributed to employees only, you can send an .apk (Android app file) to anyone to install. The Google Play Store has an option for private distribution as well. Learn more
  • Android has a different UI than iOS does. Although Android and iOS can do many of the same things, their interfaces and terms may differ, just as a Mac differs from a PC. Before you create an Android app, be sure to use other Android apps to understand the OS differences so you can make the best Android app possible and not just a clone of your iOS app.

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