Planning Your App

Planning your app is critical when it comes to app making. There are 5 important app planning steps that any app developer should consider before making an app. These app planning steps should occur once you have chosen your app development environment.

Planning Your App 5 Important Steps

  1. Define your app’s audience
  2. Decide on an app concept
  3. Assess your app content
  4. Set goals for your app
  5. Find a suitable app making platform

Step 1 Define your App’s Audience
The most important factor when planning what your app should do is deciding who you think will use your app. If it’s an internal app—say, for a sales team—this part is pretty easy, but you should still take time to consider what those people need from a mobile app. If it’s an external audience, try to figure out why someone would download and use your app. What are those people looking for that your app can provide?
Step 2 Decide on an App Concept
Once you have an idea who you’re trying to serve, decide what you want your app to do. Is it a utility, a game, or a content app—or a combination? Successful apps tend to fulfill one specific need really well, so try to focus—you can always add more features later on.
Step 3 Assess your App Content
If your app will contain content, see what content you have available. For instance, if you work at a magazine, you have access not only to your print magazine content but also to Web content, social-media content, and archival content. If you don’t already have content, consider what types of content you can feasibly create, either yourself or by hiring freelancers. Remember, quality content—the kind people will come back to an app for—requires time and effort to create.
Step 4 Set Goals for your App
The only way to know whether your app is successful is to create goals for it. Sometimes you just want as many people to download it as possible, but at other times, your metric of success might be different. For instance, if it’s an internal communication app, you know your audience is limited, and you just want people to use it—engagement is your primary goal. If the app is designed to promote or accompany an event, people attending the event might be your primary target. You can always revise your goals after launch.
Step 5 Find a Suitable App making Platform
Once you know what you want to do with your app, you can look for a platform that provides that type of app. For example, content apps are well-served by mag+, but games are not. Several platforms cater to small businesses, providing menus, locations, and other features. Do your research, looking particularly at fees (including hidden fees, such as download costs) and features. Ask for a free trial so you can kick the tires before committing, and sample existing apps on the platform to make sure you like the experience.

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