Make an iOS App

Make an iOS app to reach the booming Apple mobile app audience! iOS app users tend to spend more money and use more apps than Android users, making the iTunes Store a great marketplace for your app. When learning how to make an iOS app, you must be sure that the app is high quality and stable, as Apple’s notorious review process is known to reject any iOS app that doesn’t meet its standards. Here are a few important tips for the iOS app-making process:

  • Youll need an iOS developer account. This costs $99 per year (plus an additional $399 per year if you want to create apps to distribute internally). If you’re signing up as a company, it can take a few weeks for Apple to approve your account, so plan accordingly. Learn more
  • Apple approves all public apps. If you want to distribute your iOS app in the iTunes Store, Apple will review it first. Printed guidelines are available once you sign up for a developer account, but reviews are subjective—just because you know someone who got a similar app through doesn’t mean yours won’t be rejected. The review process can take seven to ten days.
  • Apple offers private iOS app distribution as well, but you’ll need an Enterprise Developer Account ($399 per year), and you can only distribute apps to your employees or members of your organization. There are also programs for B2B app distribution and volume purchasing of apps. Learn more
  • iOS apps can offer in-app purchases. You can sell content inside your app, either as single purchases or as part of a subscription.

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