Choose Your App Development Environment

Choosing your app development environment is an important first step in the app-making process. App makers must first choose which operating system(s) their apps will run on. Once you’ve chosen your app development environment, the next step is to decide which mobile devices you want to make your app run on. This choice must be made before you decide which app-making platform you want to use.
Several operating systems run apps, including iOS, Android, and Windows. In addition, some apps can run only on certain mobile devices, such as the iPhone, Android tablets, or the Kindle Fire (which runs a variant of the Android OS). Although each OS requires apps to be built in its own unique language, an app development platform lets you easily create apps for multiple devices at once, often providing the best app development environment.
When deciding on devices, think about the screen size your content requires and where you imagine people will use your app. These considerations will help you decide whether you should build an app or content for phones, tablets, or both. Just remember that people frequently use their phones in short bursts throughout the day, while tablets tend to be used for longer periods, primarily at home and at work.

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