Make an iPhone App

Make an iPhone app to tap into the ever-growing iPhone app market. Learning how to make an iPhone app is imperative for brands trying to enter the app market. The iPhone is one of the most-used mobile devices in the world, so iPhone app design is big business. In Q1 2014 alone, more than 51 million iPhones were sold! Moreover, iPhone users spend most of their time using apps, making the iPhone a leading device for app engagement. Here are some iPhone app-making tips to help you during the app creation process:

  • You can create one app that works on iPhones and on iPads, called a universal app. The app can still have unique interfaces for each device as well as unique content, but this option allows you to have one brand in the iTunes Store.
  • iPhone apps can be utility or content apps. As a truly portable device, iPhones are often called on to perform a task—finding a nearby restaurant or uploading a photo, for example—but people also love to consume content, especially short bits of content, on their phones.
  • Apple offers specific UI guidelines for app design. Make sure your app platform is taking advantage of the standard iOS user-interface guidelines for iPhone app design. This will ensure not only that your app gets approved but also that people know intuitively how to use it.
  • iPhone apps can tap other functions. iPhone apps can use the device’s built-in camera, GPS, or accelerometer, so you can use those tools inside your app to, say, take photos or pull up location-specific content.

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