Make an iPad App

Make an iPad app by following these iPad app-making tips. Knowing how to make an iPad app will allow you to publish apps to the App Store, an ever-growing app marketplace that accumulated more than $10 billion in sales last year. Developers choose to make iPad apps because the iPad is a fantastic canvas, with big, beautiful, supercrisp screens to display content and let users interact with apps. Here are a few items to remember when making your first iPad app:

  • There are multiple screen sizes and resolutions out there. Older “standard-def” iPads and newer “retina” screen iPads are in use, as are standard-size versus mini. Be sure the platform used to create your iPad app can serve all screen sizes and resolutions. Also note that older iPads have less power, so make sure your app runs well on older iPads as well as newer ones.
  • People use iPads differently than they do iPhones. Although we often lump these devices together under the “mobile” umbrella, iPads are typically used at home and for longer periods of time. iPhones, on the other hand, tend to be used in shorter bursts of time at home and on-the-go. Plan your app accordingly.
  • iPads are great content-consumption devices. iPhones tend to be more heavily used as tools, but iPads are ideal for watching video or reading content. So when it comes time to design an app, making an iPad app just makes sense.

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