Make a Kindle Fire App

Make a Kindle Fire app to publish in the Amazon Appstore! Kindle Fire devices are perfect for consuming content, with beautiful screens and easy access to Amazon shopping and services. Those learning how to make Kindle Fire apps should follow these helpful tips during the Kindle Fire app-making process:

  • Youll need an Amazon developers account. You can sign up here for $99 per year.
  • Kindles run a version of the Android OS. Although Kindles can run regular Android apps, it’s best to make a dedicated Kindle Fire app that takes advantage of Kindle’s in-app purchasing mechanism.
  • Kindle has its own store. Kindles can run any .apk file, but distributing your Kindle Fire app through the dedicated Amazon Appstore makes it easy for Kindle users to find and install it. Kindle apps can be free or paid, with in-app purchasing as well.
  • Multiple Kindle devices are in use. Make sure your app runs smoothly on the oldest version you hope to support.

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